Agent Agreement

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Broker/Agents Responsibilities

Provide accurate information for the time and place of signpost installation and removal, including address and cross streets.

Agent is responsible for checking with HOA (if applicable) to ensure signpost installation will be allowed.

Provide instructions for the location on the property where you want the signpost installed. If the location specified for post installation causes damage to sprinklers or underground utilities, all repair costs are the responsibility of the Agent.  Sign Setters will take responsibility for any damage caused by our actions.

Provide reimbursement for Sign Setters owned signpost and/or signpost accessories that are lost or damaged.

Sign Setters’ employees are the only individuals allowed to install or remove our signposts due to safety and liability issues.  We ask that you inform your clients of the policy before placing an order.

Agent agrees that all installation orders either placed on the Sign Setters website or initially placed on the website and transferred to Sign Setters are subject to current Sign Setters pricing.  This includes but is not limited to renewal fees, custom rider manufacturing fees, brochure box, and missing/damaged/stolen Signposts.

Any fees incurred after the initial installation will be applied to a valid credit card on file.  This includes renewal, missing or damaged signpost fees, listing visit, out of area, custom rider, and brochure box fees.

Sign Setters Responsibilities

Install or remove signpost at the location requested by the Agent.

Online orders placed by 3pm are generally completed by the end of the “Next Business Day” (excluding State and/or Federal Holidays).  Please check with your local Sign Setters for their normal days of business operation.

Follow all city ordinances when installing signposts.

Will not be responsible for any damage to sprinklers or underground utilities without an opportunity to inspect any claimed damage.

Will take responsibility for any lost or damaged signs owned by Broker/Agents while stored at the Sign Setters’ facility and while in the possession of our installers.  However, we will not be responsible for the loss of any Broker/Agents signposts or signpost accessories after installation.

Sign Setters’ employees are the only persons authorized to install or remove signposts due to safety and liability issues.